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    Seattle Public Schools is committed to encouraging community involvement in schools. It is our desire to permit the distribution of information about non-profit, education-related community programs, services and events to families and staff.

    Criteria for Approval

    Materials intended for placement within a school or distribution to students and/or staff, in any format (electronic or paper), must:

    • Be submitted by a registered non-profit organization or community group (first time distributors must provide 501(c)(3))
    • Conduct business within the boundaries of Seattle Public Schools
    • Not be political or religious in nature
    • Not proselytize
    • Not advertise, sell or promote a product
    • Comply with district policies and state/government laws and regulations
    • Support district goals, e.g.:
      • Benefit the goal of increased academic achievement for our students
      • Enhance educational programs of the district
      • Encourage youth character building activities and interests
      • Provide staff development opportunities for teachers

    Approval Process

    • Non profit groups/organizations requesting to distribute materials in Seattle Public Schools must first fax or email a Request for Approval Form, along with a copy of the information they want to distribute.
    • The fee is $25.00 for each document submitted for approval, including flyers, electronic notices, etc. Non-profit organizations whose information is reviewed for distribution will be charged a fee to offset the costs of evaluation of the materials.
    • Materials and the Request for Approval Form must be submitted by the 15th of each month for distribution the following month. Review of materials will only occur once per month, from August through May. 
    • Not accepted: Materials that constitute advertising or product promotion, or that is political or religious in nature.
    • The Communications Department will review the completed form and attached material and provide e-mail or fax notification of approval or denial.

    Distribution Process

    Upon written approval, the non-profit group will:

    • Bundle materials according to the instructions on the approval form. A list of schools with mail stop numbers and student/teacher headcounts is provided for your convenience. (Note: materials are not sent home with middle and high school students.) Electronic distribution of approved materials is allowed in school newsletters in lieu of sending home with students or sending in the mail.
    • Attach one copy of the approval form on top of each school's material so the principal or designee will know the materials have been approved.
    • Hand-carry or U.S. mail the materials to the designated schools. Seattle Public Schools does not distribute materials through its school mail system.
    • Distribution of materials in schools only occurs AFTER the first two weeks of school and UP TO the last two weeks of the school year.