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    Seattle Public Schools
    Title I and LAP-Funded Schools for 2018-19

    School Title I School-wide Title I Targeted Assistance LAP
    Adams      yes
    Aki Kurose Middle School  yes    yes
    Alki      yes
    Arbor Heights      yes
    Bagley      yes
    Bailey Gatzert  yes    yes
    Ballard High School      yes
    Beacon Hill International  yes    yes
    BF Day      yes
    Blaine K-8      yes
    Bridges Transition      yes
    Broadview-Thomson  yes    yes
    Bryant      yes
    Cascade Parent Partnership      yes
    Cascadia      yes
    Cedar Park      yes
    Center High School      yes
    Chief Sealth High School      yes
    Cleveland High School      yes
    Coe      yes
    Concord International  yes    yes
    Dearborn Park International  yes    yes
    Decatur      yes
    Denny International Middle School  yes    yes
    Dunlap  yes    yes
    Eckstein Middle School      yes
    Emerson  yes    yes
    Fairmount Park      yes
    Franklin High School      yes
    Garfield High School      yes
    Gatewood      yes
    Genesee Hill      yes
    Graham Hill  yes    yes
    Green Lake      yes
    Greenwood      yes
    Hamilton International Middle School      yes
    Hawthorne  yes    yes
    Hazel Wolf K-8      yes
    Highland Park  yes    yes
    Ingraham High School      yes
    Interagency Programs      yes
    Jane Addams K-8      yes
    John Hay      yes
    John Muir  yes    yes
    John Rogers    yes  yes
    John Stanford International      yes
    Kimball  yes    yes
    Lafayette      yes
    Laurelhurst      yes
    Lawton      yes
    Leschi  yes    yes
    Licton Springs K-8  yes    yes
    Lowell    yes  yes
    Loyal Heights @ J. Marshall      yes
    Madison Middle School      yes
    Madrona K-8  yes    yes
    Maple  yes    yes
    Martin Luther King, Jr.  yes    yes
    McClure Middle School      yes
    McDonald International      yes
    McGilvra      yes
    Meany Middle School      yes
    Mercer International Middle School      yes
    Middle College High School      yes
    Montlake      yes
    Nathan Hale High School      yes
    North Beach      yes
    Northgate  yes    yes
    NOVA High School      yes
    Olympic Hills  yes    yes
    Olympic View      yes
    Orca K-8      yes
    Pathfinder K-8      yes
    Queen Anne      yes
    Rainier Beach High School      yes
    Rainier View  yes    yes
    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School      yes
    Roosevelt High School      yes
    Roxhill  yes    yes
    Sacajawea      yes
    Salmon Bay K-8      yes
    Sand Point    yes  yes
    Sanislo  yes    yes
    Seattle World School  yes    yes
    South Lake High School  yes    yes 
    South Shore K-8  yes    yes
    STEM @ Boren K-8      yes
    Stevens      yes
    Thornton Creek      yes
    Thurgood Marshall      yes
    TOPS K-8      yes
    Van Asselt  yes    yes
    View Ridge      yes
    Viewlands  yes    yes
    Washington Middle School      yes
    Wedgwood      yes
    West Seattle Elem  yes    yes
    West Seattle High School      yes
    West Woodland      yes
    Whitman Middle School      yes
    Whittier      yes
    Wing Luke  yes    yes