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    SPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Other Info

    See quick reference info and links below to assist with your questions and concerns. You can always reach out to the SPS District Ombudsperson to explore options for resolving a concerns if the info below isn't helpful.

    Submit your concern or question directly to the SPS District Ombudsperson.

    Admission Center/Enrollment FAQ

    If you have questions or concerns about admission (which could include transferring, wait list, etc.), you should:

    • First click on the link above to look for info that might answer you question or address your concern.
    • If you can't find the info you are looking for online, you could then reach out to the Admissions Center directly to ask questions or discuss your concern (contact info provided below).
    • If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your conversation you may ask to speak with the Enrollment Manager to discuss your questions or concern further or contact that manager directly at the number below.

    Admissions Center: 206-252-0760 OR Admission Manager: 206-252-0760

    School Transportation FAQ

    If you have a transportation concern or complaint you will want to contact the transportation office.

    Be prepared to report the following information:

    • Bus route, date/time that the incident occurred
    • Explanation of the incident

    If you want a response to the investigation you will need to leave your name and contact information.

    Transportation Dept: 206-252-0900 OR

    Special Education

    If you have a question or concern about your student’s special education services and are not sure who to talk to next please visit the Special Education Contact Web Page where you will learn more about your options.

    If you have followed the recommendations on the Special Education Contact Page and continue to have a challenge with getting your question or concern addressed please reach out to the district Ombudsperson for further assistance. Visit the District Ombudsperson contact Web Page.

    Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault (Title IV) FAQ

    If you are not sure whether you should make a formal complaint about sexual assault or harassment, you can consult the Title IX coordinator. The Title IX coordinator can help you decide next steps and how best to address your situation.

    If you believe that you or an SPS student or staff member has been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, you can report the incident(s) to any school staff member or the District's Title IX Coordinator. Read the definitions of sexual assault and sexual harassment on our What is Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment web page.

    You can also follow the instructions below to file a complaint or click here for more info.

    1. Open the SPS Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
    2. Please complete all sections of the form.
    3. Be as specific as possible when discussing the incidents. Your complaint is not limited to the space provided. You are encouraged to attach additional materials, which may assist in the investigation process.
    4. Please be sure to include the:
      • the date(s),
      • the incident(s) that occurred,
      • the name(s) of the person(s) involved, and
      • the name(s) of those who may have witnessed the incident(s).
    5. Sign it and deliver the original form to either the District Title IX Coordinator or any school principal.

    Title IV Coordinator: 206-252-0367 or

    Rights and Responsibilities FAQ

    This group of questions seeks to answer questions about student rights and responsibilities and how the ombudsperson can help resolve concerns.

    Students, as citizens, have certain constitutional rights and the school system cannot unduly infringe on those rights. The schools may, however set some reasonable limits on those rights in order to meet the district’s obligation to educate. Visit the Ombudsperson's Student Rights and Responsibilities Frequently Asked Questions.