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    2014 Facilities Condition and Educational Adequacy Assessment (aka "Meng Report")

    The facilities condition assessments rendered comprehensive reports on each of the major building systems, per UniFormat Level III system categories. Systems were described and quantitative condition ratings were also ascribed to each building system. Apparent major maintenance and repair deficiencies were also noted for each of the building systems. Major maintenance and repairs were defined as deficiencies with greater than $3,000 in estimated raw materials and labor costs. Furthermore, systems were evaluated for remaining useful life and deficiencies were estimated for systems expected to fail within a 10-year period.

    The educational adequacy assessment included a review of previous reports and updated school capacity, configuration and environment criteria and each facility's ability to support specific educational programs.

    This report and its supporting data is intended as a tool for SPS facilities planners, community advisory groups, and district administrators as they make important capital planning decisions.

    While Seattle Public Schools works to ensure that every document is accessible, the 2014 report is not ADA-compliant. Please contact Capital Projects and Planning for assistance.

    Volume I: Site Assessment Summary Reports and Project Cost Reports
    Volume II:  Facilities Summary Reports and Detailed Assessment Reports
    Volume III: Educational Adequacy Reports