Decatur Elementary

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The Decatur PTA is committed to helping students become their best selves and reach their full social, emotional, and academic potential by engaging andsupporting families, teachers, and school leadership.

The PTA sponsors and supports:

  • Social, academic, and physical student activities.
  • Fundraising efforts to maintain the continuity of vital school programs.
  • Legislative assistance to families, teachers, and staff as they advocate for students.
  • Publication of current news and events.
  • A wide range of volunteer activities that support our students.

Mission: An advanced learning school that fosters the development of environmentally conscious, creative and critical thinkers who are socially and emotionally equipped to engage in a just and sustainable world.

Vision: Our community goal is to instill a life-long passion for learning in an emotionally supportive environment that will enable students to contribute their wisdom, compassion and leadership.

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